Apple Watch 2 will have GPS and will be waterproof

Apple Watch 2, the next version of the clock smart of Apple, will be launched this autumn, most likely with iPhone 7, and today we find out about a very significant change that Apple is expected to give us to improve functionality. apple watch

Specifically, according to information published today, Apple Watch 2 will have GPS intclus to monitor more effectively exercise done outdoors, mainly running, implementing this component eliminating the need to plug the clock to iPhone to enjoy everything it has to offer.

Moreover, it seems that the application Workout to be improved to better monitor the sessions of swimming, and this suggests that Apple would alter the way, sealing the casing to allow diving to depths of up to 2 meters. Basically, Apple Watch 2 could be promoted by Apple as being able to work underwater, Apple Watch with this feature, but those from Apple recommends for use only in the shower, so not when diving made in the pool, large, or even ocean.

Far more sketchy: The Apple Watch 2 is said to include GPS for accurate workout logging Without the Need to carry year iPhone, and the Workout app reportedly Will Gain the Ability to track swimming – suggesting a Higher level of waterproofing in the next Apple Watch.

Combining GPS with tightness better, Apple Watch 2 could monitor including moves by the pool during the sessions of swimming, but if this functionality will come or not remains to find in autumn, when the product would be officially presented.

The whole world expects many changes to Apple Watch 2 and Apple must meet all these expectations or risk disappointing to have some sales from the second smart watch sold under its own brand.

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