Pokemon GO is used more than social networking applications

I said yesterday that Pokemon GO is the most popular game, and he is extremely dangerous, some players being mugged by armed robbers, police from an American state managed to arrest four persons who committed these acts using a special beacon that show the existence of Pokemon in their location.

Pokemon GO is very popular thanks to the functionality it provides, those from Nintendo is aware of this, and according to companies specializing in monitoring applications used in the US, the game is used daily more than other popular applications socializing on the market .

Pokemon GO competes successfully with Twitter in terms of the number of daily active users, and here we are talking about dozens or even over a hundred million people, many users downloading the app and outside the US, even though the official game is available only on American continent.

In the first picture below you can see the difference in traffic recorded by Pokemon GO and Twitter in terms of daily active users, the proximity of the two points suggesting very clear that Nintendo has a game very popular at the moment and it would be better to take good care of him.

pokemon vs-twitter

In the second picture you can see how used is application Japanese compared to other applications socializing world using Pokemon GO more often than WhatsApp Messenger, Instagram, or even Snapchat, and this is a great achievement, especially as We’re a game and not on a social application.

pokemon go

It’s hard to say if Nintendo had any idea about the true potential of the game or before it officially launched, but since it came they certainly are convinced that games of this type have very high cachet and they it should appear in greater numbers in the future.

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