15 news 10 beta 3 of iOS (Video)

Last night I said what’s new in iOS 10 beta 3, and the list published by Apple was very, very long, the Cupertino changing very much for their operating system, and this is good because changes show interest and willingness to correct problems and implement new functions.

Today we have the opportunity to see a video clip 15 news that iOS 10 beta 3 has included, and among them should notice: the new sound stupid lock, vibration blocking, that unlock the Touch ID with a single press works, or superior performance offered to us.

Here are 15  updates of iOS 10 beta 3 shown in video:

  • Keyboard sound from iOS beta 1 returns 10
  • New lock sound
  • Haptic feedback on manual lock
  • Clock status bar widgets on view
  • Send files to iCloud Drive from Safari and Mail
  • Downloaded music label returns
  • Image picker in Messages no longer crops images to squares
  • Rest Finger to Open Accessibility option now works as expected
  • New “Share < name of app >” language when 3D touching an App Store app icon
  • Siri App Support panel in Siri’s  preferences
  • Your Library appears first when  searching in the Music app
  • “Subscribe” to playlists
  • New text tags below video placeholders in Health app
  • Now-typing indicator for GIF images in Messages app
  • New hub section in Home  app preferences

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