Know how many hours are left for your alarm with AlarmNotifier

In the event you count your slumber hours (that’s an excellent custom to ensure that you clock the required level of sleep every night), this tweak needs to be useful. AlarmNotifier reveals just how many hours are left before the alarm clock goes off.

So you get enough sleep.

AlarmNotifier makes sure you understand just exactly how many hours are to lapse between now and also the period of the alarm clock. And it kind of sets that advice not only beneath the alarm clock labels but is a little in your face using a popup dialog.

When you set an alarm clock (or empower a current one), you will receive a popup that says Time Until Alarm Clock is Active using how many hours, minutes and seconds left till the alarm clock goes off.


The time-left is additionally revealed beneath the alarm title so if you believe the popup is redundant, it is possible to disable it from the settings.

AlarmNotifier works unobtrusively and it doesnt alter another bit of the interface for the Alarm Clock. Exactly the same attribute can be had on third party alarm clock uses like Rise but should you prefer going the jailbreak course, its a considerably lighter alternative.

Or a far greater manner of operation will be to possess the popup show the time left but let it fade away on its own. The Vehicle Blow Off Popup does that. Enable the switch after which select a number in the Seconds Until Auto Blow Off setting (2 seconds is optimal).

AlarmNotifier is readily available free of charge on the BigBoss repo.

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