iPhone 7 – A10 chip with dual-core 2.37 GHz and 3 GB RAM

Assumed a new benchmark for iPhone 7 or rather iPhone 7 Plus given the codename iPhone9,2 as specified in the test appeared on the internet and it shows what we should expect from the upcoming smartphone, the least in terms of performance it has.

We are talking about an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with a chip A10 which has a dual-core processor clocked at 2.37 GHz, and 3 GB RAM, some of this information is already provided by various rumors emerged in recent months, power processing is much higher than that of current models.

Basically, we can see that this benchmark tells us that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will have a processing power that is almost 50% higher than the iPhone 6S it getting 2,500 points in tests single-core or 4300 points in the multi-core, so we’re talking about a supposed increase enormously.

7 iPhone disclosed a performance benchmark

The result of this alleged benchmark is even better and than the one recorded by the iPad Pro screen of 12.9 inches, and that given that it has a processor as fast, but with 1GB of RAM in addition, her winning test scores of 3300 points in single-core and 5500 points in multi-core test.


To be honest, the results of this supposed benchmark for iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus seem to be much more than what you expect a lot of people at Apple, the growth performance is generally up to 20% from one model to another, so it’s hard to say how real the results.

Moreover, the benchmark is not found in archive Geekbench, but this would not be unusual, however, an iPhone 7 Plus with dual-core processor clocked at 2.37 GHz with 3 GB RAM seems like too good to be especially true regarding the working frequency of the processor.

Today’s results are weaker than those presented by an assumed benchmark prior to iPhone 7, but the possibility exists that the result less be attributed to the iPhone 7 with a weaker processor and the result better to be of an iPhone 7 Plus processor stronger.


15 news 10 beta 3 of iOS (Video)

Last night I said what’s new in iOS 10 beta 3, and the list published by Apple was very, very long, the Cupertino changing very much for their operating system, and this is good because changes show interest and willingness to correct problems and implement new functions.

Today we have the opportunity to see a video clip 15 news that iOS 10 beta 3 has included, and among them should notice: the new sound stupid lock, vibration blocking, that unlock the Touch ID with a single press works, or superior performance offered to us.

Here are 15  updates of iOS 10 beta 3 shown in video:

  • Keyboard sound from iOS beta 1 returns 10
  • New lock sound
  • Haptic feedback on manual lock
  • Clock status bar widgets on view
  • Send files to iCloud Drive from Safari and Mail
  • Downloaded music label returns
  • Image picker in Messages no longer crops images to squares
  • Rest Finger to Open Accessibility option now works as expected
  • New “Share < name of app >” language when 3D touching an App Store app icon
  • Siri App Support panel in Siri’s  preferences
  • Your Library appears first when  searching in the Music app
  • “Subscribe” to playlists
  • New text tags below video placeholders in Health app
  • Now-typing indicator for GIF images in Messages app
  • New hub section in Home  app preferences

Pokemon GO is used more than social networking applications

I said yesterday that Pokemon GO is the most popular game, and he is extremely dangerous, some players being mugged by armed robbers, police from an American state managed to arrest four persons who committed these acts using a special beacon that show the existence of Pokemon in their location.

Pokemon GO is very popular thanks to the functionality it provides, those from Nintendo is aware of this, and according to companies specializing in monitoring applications used in the US, the game is used daily more than other popular applications socializing on the market .

Pokemon GO competes successfully with Twitter in terms of the number of daily active users, and here we are talking about dozens or even over a hundred million people, many users downloading the app and outside the US, even though the official game is available only on American continent.

In the first picture below you can see the difference in traffic recorded by Pokemon GO and Twitter in terms of daily active users, the proximity of the two points suggesting very clear that Nintendo has a game very popular at the moment and it would be better to take good care of him.

pokemon vs-twitter

In the second picture you can see how used is application Japanese compared to other applications socializing world using Pokemon GO more often than WhatsApp Messenger, Instagram, or even Snapchat, and this is a great achievement, especially as We’re a game and not on a social application.

pokemon go

It’s hard to say if Nintendo had any idea about the true potential of the game or before it officially launched, but since it came they certainly are convinced that games of this type have very high cachet and they it should appear in greater numbers in the future.

Apple Watch 2 will have GPS and will be waterproof

Apple Watch 2, the next version of the clock smart of Apple, will be launched this autumn, most likely with iPhone 7, and today we find out about a very significant change that Apple is expected to give us to improve functionality. apple watch

Specifically, according to information published today, Apple Watch 2 will have GPS intclus to monitor more effectively exercise done outdoors, mainly running, implementing this component eliminating the need to plug the clock to iPhone to enjoy everything it has to offer.

Moreover, it seems that the application Workout to be improved to better monitor the sessions of swimming, and this suggests that Apple would alter the way, sealing the casing to allow diving to depths of up to 2 meters. Basically, Apple Watch 2 could be promoted by Apple as being able to work underwater, Apple Watch with this feature, but those from Apple recommends for use only in the shower, so not when diving made in the pool, large, or even ocean.

Far more sketchy: The Apple Watch 2 is said to include GPS for accurate workout logging Without the Need to carry year iPhone, and the Workout app reportedly Will Gain the Ability to track swimming – suggesting a Higher level of waterproofing in the next Apple Watch.

Combining GPS with tightness better, Apple Watch 2 could monitor including moves by the pool during the sessions of swimming, but if this functionality will come or not remains to find in autumn, when the product would be officially presented.

The whole world expects many changes to Apple Watch 2 and Apple must meet all these expectations or risk disappointing to have some sales from the second smart watch sold under its own brand.

Fleksy new iOS keyboard?

They desired to choose a little section of text from one spot to a different, as well as their telephones would not let them do it. They managed to constructed a remedy that beat Apple to the punch, though it finally did not catch on.
It created a straightforward scratch pad which can be shared between programs, and programmers only needed to add the attribute with their particular software. Just a few programs did thus, and once Apple added its utility, OpenClip faded away into irrelevance. Now one business is attempting to seek out success having the same attempt that targets a much more vital element of having an iPhone: the whole computer keyboard.
The Fleksy computer keyboard *By* Paunescu Ionut
For the last year as well as a half, San Francisco-based Fleksy has offered up its own computer keyboard program for iOS. And beginning today, the organization needs to distribute that computer keyboard to other programs, establishing a kit that lets other programmers add it into their own software using one line of code. The outcome is an entirely distinct, alternative computer keyboard, and one that users might be comfortable with from app to app. Fleksy has existed on iOS as a fantastic technology demo. It is an item of software made for both power users as well as for people who have eyesight difficulties, joining gestures and touch typing to increase writing on miniature displays. Like so a number of other alternative computer keyboards, the purpose of Fleksy will be to go beyond what smartphone manufacturers offer from the carton, speeding things up where potential and simplifying others. Yet, so far it is only existed as a standalone program, where users peck things outside, are perhaps impressed by the attributes, subsequently have to copy and paste the text elsewhere when they would like to do anything with it. Bringing Fleksy to other iOS programs isn’t without its challenges. Unlike Android, which will be open to all sorts of third party computer keyboard creations, Apple gives you its computer keyboard and nothing else. Programmers can construct their very own particular computer keyboards on an program-by-program basis, though it is unusual. Google has done that using a smattering of its own iOS programs, while Wolfram Alpha’s specific search program computer keyboard takes up almost the whole display with custom buttons. Even though it had been believed that Apple was considering opening up to third party computer keyboard manufacturers, ultimately it did not. But it did throw programmers a bone by simplifying its software applications, says Fleksy creator Ioannis Verdelis. “With every new variant of iOS the work needed on our part to create a computer keyboard SDK has reduced significantly,” he says. “We are [now] doing information on iOS that incorporates the computer keyboard deeper than it’s ever been incorporated.”
The organization is beginning that integration inside four independent job programs created by other firms: unofficial Google voice tool GV Connect, typing assistance Blindsquare, text editor Wordbox, and productivity software Launch Center Pro. All these programs will be pushing out upgrades including Fleksy’s computer keyboard as an alternative instead of the one which comes assembled into iOS. The organization can also be opening it up for other program manufacturing companies to get access to the API and contain the Fleksy computer keyboard within their very own programs, though it is not open to everyone. Businesses must request the attribute, and Fleksy gets to determine who gets access. For the time being, Verdelis says that is so the business could make sure everything looks great and is easy to toggle. If there is a wrinkle in Fleksy’s strategy, it is the organization isn’t clear how these other program developers ought to be offering the computer keyboard to users. Verdelis says he is leaving it up to other people to decide if they would like to offer Fleksy as a free addon, or as a paid upgrade through in-program purchase. That is an entirely distinct company from what Fleksy’s done on Android, and distinct from another software computer keyboard manufacturer. The organization found its computer keyboard on Android last week at no cost, which Verdelis says has recently been downloaded more than 100,000 times. Once installed, computer keyboards like Fleksy work everywhere. But competition on Android for computer keyboards is a lot more intense. Each has a gimmick and will be changed out in a moment’s notice, though just as readily be forgotten. For Fleksy, Apple’s platform provides a sizable library of software to incorporate into, with present estimates hovering around a million programs. Verdelis expects to do what was hard for OpenClip in 2008, and now clearly hopeless in 2013: get “every program” to purchase to the theory that another computer keyboard is great notion, and let somebody else control how people search for his or her preferred programs. “It is always not possible to determine before you have done it,” Verdelis says.

See all your interactions with your screen with TouchPosé+

If you like mirroring or to record a short presentation or tutorial but don’t know how to include and shot taps, touches and swipes well TouchPosé+ does the trick easily. Even though it is the paid version of TouchPosé, TouchPosé+ has also support for multi touch. Just like its small brother this will show a semitransparent blue circle for any touch interaction of you with your screen. These features are the same as those from Display Recorder developed by Ryan Petrich but without the recording capability.
The installation is easy and the settings for this can be found in Settings > TouchPosé+, from where you can choose the size of the circle from 20 pixels to 100 pixels using a slider. You can also choose the color for the circles.


This tweak is simple and neat so for just $1 I say money well spent. TouchPosé+ is developed by iolate and can be found in the BigBoss repo. Even though we find paid apps with bugs I guaranty that this tweak is bug free.

For making video tutorials if you already have a recorder this is perfect if not I suggest the all-in one Display Recorder from Ryan which his creation is also worth trying.