FiftyTree TradeMark Files Called Facebook Paper

Recently, Facebook is launched a new reader app Paper. The divergence with FiftyThre was declined by Facebook and name was not change. FiftyThree is motivated to protect her brand name. Her application for Paper term was filed on 30 January. FiftyThree CEO and cofounder, Georg Petschnigg, had make an address for TechCrunch and expire her sincerely sentiments and disposition for open negotiation. For Facebook is not a so good option to use this brand name, but technically FiftyThree only trademark on the USPTO was for the “Paper by FiftyThree”.


Cofounder and CEO of FiftyThree say in a declaration about Paper trademark and FiftyThree applied for that and approved “Paper by FiftyThree”.

UPSTO make regularly improvement in five-seven days but now he approve this faster. In a rezerve situation FiftyThree give the case for her lowers: Roberto Ledesma and Victor Cardona.

“Just by using a mark in a particular field, you’ve got rights,” said Cardona. “Some are state-based and some are federal-based, but if I start using a mark before you in the same area of goods or services, I’ve got rights to the mark over you.”

A lot of law men make more and more remarks about subjectivism of trademarks law and caused many deferens and rededications from the companies.

“As the later user, Facebook would have to make the case that these uses are distinguishable and consumers will not be confused,” said Roberto Ledesma. “The more similar the marks the less similar the uses have to be to find infringement. Here the marks are identical so less similarity is needed.”

The official position of FiftyThree is here: “In the U.S., trademark rights are use-based (i.e., one does not need a registration) and FiftyThree has well-established common-law trademark rights in PAPER alone. Google “Paper” and we are the #1 result. Search for #MadeWithPaper on social media and you’ll find over a million creations in public. Indeed, PAPER alone is widely recognized by the public as our brand and trademark. And we recently filed for registration of PAPER alone.

At this point we are reserving all legal options. More importantly, we stand for creativity and believe in a level playing field when it comes to building companies and brands”.

Facebook is a company so big and unfortunately FiftyThree is smaller. In this situation FiftyThre could be wear down even FiftyThree have 15 million funding. But peoples are happy: the Paper is very popular. Nobody lose.


Looking for a great Installous substitute? Check out our recommendations!

Ever since 2007 when the first Jailbreaking Tool was released, iPhone and iPad owners were provided with an alternative to the applications that AppStore issued for its users. The thrill behind the jailbreak phenomenon was due to its possibility to access apps and programs that were either condemned by Apple, or, even if accepted, they were not free. One of the most popular platforms to use after jailbreaking your iDevice was Installous, which was similar to the App Store, but the apps you downloaded were free. Unfortunately, Installous was shut down, and people all over the world were in search of possible alternatives.

There is a wide range of apps and programs to choose from, but finding a good substitute might sometimes be tricky. It`s impossible at this moment to state which one is best, but we compiled a list of options for you.

So, in alphabetical order, we have:

  1. App Cake is rumored to be very similar to the much longed for Installous. It is very user-friendly and therefore easy to use, but user ratings depict the fact that it is a little bit slow.
  2. HipStore , which can be accessed by users via their computers . With just one click, a world of free apps, games and so on is revealed to you. After browsing through the platform in search of your desired apps, you must simply drag&drop them from your computer onto your iDevice. In order to install HipStore on your iPhone, you will need to have AppSync installed, and the following repo added to the sources on Cydia : cydia.heaveniphone, so you can search and download the HipStore.
  3. The iFunbox is a good substitute for Installous because it helps you install apps from IPAStore easy directly on your phone, or transfer them on various devices (iOS,Mac,Windows). Its popularity increased due to its similarities to Installous.
  4. Next, we have IPAStore, which basically is a web page that allows you to search and download the apps you want directly on your iDevice. For installing it, you need to add the following repo: between the Cydia`s sources, and then simply search for IpaStore.
  5. Last but not least, we have the vShare which is almost like Installous, but with a different interface. It is well organized mostly because it is indexed so you can find your desired apps browsing different categories. It is available for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices, and like the platforms presented so far, it requires the repo , allowing you to download anything you want from basic apps to IPA files.
  6. Zeusmos is another great app that will allow you to download everything from free apps&games, to themes and ringtones. There is a big variety you can choose from. In order to install it, you need to open Cydia, search and download Zeusmos (by adding this source .Of course, you need to download AppSync as well. The apps are installed directly to your home screen. What can be easier?


Both AppCake and IPAStore as well as vShare can be used only if you have the AppSync installed which is available via repo.

If you don’t know how to add new repositories to Cydia, let us make it easy for you by explaining it very short&simple: You have to open Cydia and choose the Manage tab from the ones that will appear on screen. Once you opened it, go to sources and tap the edit button, which will allow you to either add a new repository or delete the existing ones. Good luck!

Apple devices are one of the most popular and wanted technology pieces these days, but considering the fact that they are a bit pricey, it really comes in handy for every owner to know that there are various things he can do, and different apps&platforms he can download in order to access his favorite applications without having to spend some more money. Of course, the purpose of this tips&tricks is to help you try an app before you buy it.

All these alternatives to Installous may not be as highly-rated and adored as the original platform, but they are intensively used by a huge amount of users with no complaints. They work great on iPhone, iPod and iPads and are only one-click-away. Try them yourself!